C.A.T – Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader 5.0 Released

C.A.T. Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader version 5.0 has been released.

This version brings some additional great features including:

  • Now The SELL Pool is expressed as Qty (Easier To use, more precise in calculation). To obtain this, these changes has been done :
    • Split option “Set Pool Value Amount to 0 If Current Amount is <” in 2 separate options, 1 for sell, 1 for buy
    • Changes Buy/Sell Pool GUI Interface/Some Log Messages (about PONG into Buy/Sell Pool)/Some Labels on GUI/Various code
  • Now Preview From Buy Sell Pool Is more Precise and you have 2 button, 1 for Buy Preview and 1 For Sell Preview
  • New Parameters Added to the Buy/Sell Pool Options “Stop Ping Creation if Total <MARKET> Orders Qty is > X”
  • Gui Improvements/Code Fix (Thanks to CAT users)
  • When you STOP PROCESS CAT Is now able to FORCE the stop action even if Lookup Is Running
  • 2 Change For Order & Trades Edit Panel :
    • After set new Qty/Price/Type values you will have an ORANGE table line that stands for “Order is going to be recreated”
    • If you edit Again a Ping/Pong Order and you re-confirm original values, then Recreation will be aborted and table line will change from ORANGE to WHITE
  • Added a new option in Main Frame TOOLS -> Restart C.A.T. With more RAM, that allows you to restart C.A.T. using ram size from 512 to 4096 MB (According to your HW Available RAM)
  • A New Panel “STOP PING” is added to the Ping-Pong Parameters Panel. You will find 6 Stop Ping Options Inside.
  • CAT Is now able to find trades even if they occured on the previous OrderId (Before a Recreation). This is unlike to happens but sometimes exchanges are slow in return updates data
  • Any Ping-Pong Order have now an internal ID. You will read in description String (CAT-XXXX/<ExchangeOrderId>) This is useful to trace your order inside the log even when OrderId Change and it will be useful for future features
  • Load Balance from MyBalances panel is now asynchronized call (you don’t have to wait until load complete, useful when exchanges are very slow)
  • Added 2 Filter options : Skip Buy/Sell Orders With Price Between Best Price And Best Price – X%. This will allow to skip top book orders and create ping pong inside orders book
  • The Option “Merge Equal Trades Into a New One” is now TRUE By default (this is useful especially when your order is immediately filled with 2 or more trades)
    • If an XML C.A.T. file older than 3 CAT Version is used by Current Version you will receive a suggestion message about resave it (in the general console/pop up message)
  • A New Advanced Panel (reachable pressing a button in Ping-Pong order creator) has been added to let you create a large amount of orders at the same time with options
    • Fixed Amount Qty/Fixed Increase Price
    • Decrease/Increase Percentage Amount Qty/Price.
    • And you can combine Price and Qty options
Further information

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